Susan’s Battle Ends Peacefully

Her husband David writes…
Sadly on 22 September Susan passed away peacefully in hospital to the curse of MND. A loving wife, mother, sister and friend to many online, her blogs showed she was determined to battle to the end and enjoy life as much as she could. A shining example to us all and she will be sorely missed by so many people..

About Susan

I am a middle aged woman wondering where all the normal middle aged people are. I don't want to regain my lost youth but nor am I ready to rush headlong into old age. I realise I am oldish rather than youngish but surely not actually old yet. So this is my chance to muse on my middle aged existence. This will save my teenage children from the horror of me musing on age spots or deteriorating eyesight which is surely a kindness. Now that I have been diagnosed with MND (ALS) this blog will have to change a bit, but I AM still middle aged too.

{3} Thoughts on “Susan’s Battle Ends Peacefully

  1. I was Susan’s hairdresser in Norfolk and got to know her quite well…her zest for life was very obvious
    Such sad news, my heart goes out to you all, a family she was very proud of xx

  2. I am one of the online friends who knew Sue. She shared this site with me when she intimated online in a group chat that she wasn’t well. I’m very grateful that I happened to be paying attention and asked her about it privately so was able to share her thoughts and the journey she has been on over the last number of months.

    I would like to express my admiration for Sue publicly here. She was one of the best players of the online game we played together in my humble opinion – I was frequently absolutely convinced she was the opposite of what she actually was (which was the name of the game – subterfuge). So stealthy – top, top quality.

    I never got to know her very well but did follow this blog about her illness and although painful to see her progression through her MND it was also interesting and heartening to hear about what was being done to help her and how fantastically well she was coping with the support of her family and RL friends As far as I can tell in a skype relationship, she never lost her love of life or all things musical – loved seeing which song she would sign off with on here.

    Sue was always positive about her illness with me and taught me a lot about the disease and how to deal positively with adversity. She also taught me how to deal with someone with a terminal illness – something that I have only once had to do before. Completely understanding and caring enough to make others feel comfortable when in reality the care should have been the other way around.

    She was a lovely person and I really enjoyed her company in the game and in private. Even though I will miss her being around I suspect that the end of the illness can’t have been much fun at all and sincerely hope that she has found some peace.

    I know that nothing I say will help her family at this terrible time but I hope that eventually they will be able to remember with huge admiration and love as the fantastic, talented and caring person she was.

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