A lift for me

I meant to say about my lift weeks ago. But time does fly by. So here I am writing about it now. I love it.

It took about six months to get it. Luckily we planned in advance but the structural engineers took ages. Apparently they always do. David was struggling to get me upstairs for the last couple of weeks but we always made it. But now I glide up in the lift. And down again. It is Pollock lift as we don’t get a choice this far north. So they came from Northern Ireland to fit it. We had a father and son team. They were amazing.

Unfortunately I fell on the second day. I shot back far too quickly. I thought I fell straight back but it turned out i didn’t. I hit a pane of glass. I don’t fall often so this was a shock. Strangely I always fall slowly. We don’t know why but I often just crumple. I can show you the pane of glass but not the cut on top of my head. It was very minor.

We should head back to the lift. They expected to take two days but there was a part missing so it took three days. But I can’t tell you how glorious it is. I love it.

But I have endless kit around the house. I had a pillow lift which worked for me for ages but just this week I got a profile bed. This is really just a hospital bed.

It makes me laugh to realise just how much I have. Downstairs I have my gorgeous riser recliner. I did have a Council one. But this is new. I had one that was made to measure but the seat was too short. Weird. I got this one on Friday and it fits perfectly. If anyone is wondering about me wearing the same clothes. I have 4 pairs of trousers, multiple vests, and three jumpers too.

The downstairs loo has a lift mechanism that rises me up. It is clever as doesn’t have a motor just hydrolics. I now have a stand aid which I don’t need yet but I was given a demonstration all the same. It is counter intuitive to lean back but that is what I must do.

You have seen my wet room already. Truth be told I find the wet room pretty scary whilst I am not in wheelchair. I have a wonderful thing that lowers me into the bath in our little bathroom. Not scary at all.

I can no longer undress myself or dress myself which is frustrating. David has to do it. My shoes are the greatest problem but only getting them on. My world is shrinking. But my lift brings me joy each time I use it.

A friend made me laugh by saying Houston we have lift off. It was very funny. No one jokes about my lift. But I loved the fact that my brother and his wife and the OT have all tried the lift. It is quite fun to try. Anyone is welcome to try. It makes me laugh as the top weight it can take is 40 stone. I don’t think I get close even sitting on the sanichair.

I haven’t used the chair in anger yet. So it is perfect for the lift.

I have so much fun with all my kit. They are trying to find a way for me to use eyegaze when I can no longer type but it is hard with my head tilt. So they hope to get experts on the case.

We had fun last week traveling to Aberdeen to get plaster casts made of my feet. I have a few problems with my left ankle turning in. So I am getting splints. They have to be made in Glasgow so it isn’t quick but in a fortnight I will be modeling them. I can’t wait. It will be a real treat. I will show you what my foot looks like.

Meanwhile my son, who is 19, is running the tough mudder in London in September. He is running for MND Scotland which makes me very proud. I can’t resist giving you the link. https://www.justgiving.com/James-Boag1?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=fundraisingpage&utm_content=James-Boag1&utm_campaign=pfp-share

It is time to finish with a song. I can’t resist doing this each time. It is such fun choosing. I like to choose something snappy that Chul can stuck in her head. These boots are made for walking. I really hope you enjoy it. You have to be aware of very short dresses.