When a week becomes interesting.

Sometimes you know in advance your week is going to be really busy.  The week before last, and last week, were exactly like that.  Whoops, it has taken me too long to write this.  Really three weeks and two weeks ago now.  Sorry.

On the first Monday we had an appointment with the Driver Assessment Centre in Edinburgh.  That is quite a drive from where we are but there were compensations.  We set off at 9am for the 1:30pm appointment to allow time to stop at The House of Bruar for a snack.  We weren’t interested in the luxury stuff you can get there, although I am obsessed with the food hall despite all the stuff I am unable to eat now.

What we wanted was the restaurant and our careful timing enabled us to arrive while breakfast was being served.  My husband had egg and sausages in a roll.  I had a yogurt.  It was a lovely high calorie yogurt but I do miss the things I could have eaten a few months ago.  I would have gone for the continental breakfast which looked lovely, and my favourite thing, you helped yourself.  Not to be now but it was still a yummy yogurt.

Fortified by our snack we carried on to Edinburgh.  Now these things take a bit of planning so we arrived with water that could go through my PEG and a 400 calorie drink that could too.  No week is complete without forward planning and we had done well.  So, off we trotted into the Driver Assessment Centre.  I was totally gripped.

We had read about it in advance so knew that would be a variety of tests then, potentially, the chance to drive round Edinburgh in a car they thought would suit you.  Definitely not your own car.  No wonder I was fascinated.  I started with reading numberplates.  Easy peasy.  Then came various mental and concentration tests.  I enjoyed those too.  Well, one comparison was tricky but the rest were lovely.

It got more fun when I had passed those tests.  Next came reaction tests in a mock up of an alfa romeo automatic.  I had to get the hang of one foot for braking and accelerating as I had never driven an automatic.  The lady testing me congratulated me on getting every test right and within the time too.  Yippee.  I could be let loose in a car.  First it was a manual car but then I changed to an automatic.  It is quite weird driving a car you are not used to.  I wasn’t great in the manual and I had a little mishap in the automatic when I used my left foot to brake.  Whoops, it was lucky we were still in the hospital grounds as we came to a very abrupt halt.

It turns out you have to drive for an hour to satisfy the DVLA.  That was 14 miles round Edinburgh and I am really a country girl.  So much traffic and so many lanes! Not what I am used to. Are you agog to know what I was told? I thought I might be told no more driving.  But that wasn’t it.  I was told not to drive a manual car.  But I can drive an automatic.  Half a win really.  I do need a couple of lessons too.  Then we trailed home.  We stopped on the way for me to enjoy a yummy white pudding in Aviemore.  That link is quite illuminating – and mine, of course, came in batter from a chippy.  I always love them.

On the Tuesday we were off to Aberdeen.  But first I fainted.  I felt dizzy at breakfast so foolishly got down and tried to make the sofa.  Now I can’t talk.  My husband hovered behind me querying what was wrong.  He guessed a variety of wrong things but then he guessed I was dizzy.  I nodded at that, and then keeled over face first into the floor.  The first thing I knew was when I found myself lying on the carpet.  Not an expected aspect of my week.  I acquired a carpet burn on my nose and some interesting bruises on my cheek and nose.  Oh, and round my eye.  I obviously looked gorgeous modelling my bruises.  Nevertheless we headed off to the MND clinic in Aberdeen.

They were great.  Although shocked by my bruises.  People fall with MND but I had fainted for variety.  Oddly, I don’t yet fall over.  You can imagine how fetching I looked.  They were very helpful too with suggestions to help my problems.  But bemused by my fainting.

The rest of my week was much more lovely, seeing friends, exercising a bit, and happily eating more.  But last week was really exciting.

We jetted off from Inverness to Gatwick.  OK, hardly impressive travel.  But wait till you find out why we were doing it.  We saw my daughter graduate.  And had a gorgeous time staying with my aunt and uncle for two nights.  Our daughter looked beautiful and it was such a treat to see her graduate.  We also saw an amazing man get an honorary fellowship.  Look at this link.  He had a robe and so did his two assistance dogs.  He was seriously inspiring.

It was such a lovely week.  I had the graduation on my wish list and made it.  Yippee.

Last week has been wonderful too.  We saw a helpful doctor about my drool.  You really don’t want more details than that but I am trying to sort it.  Kitchen tissue stuffed in  my mouth is not a great look.  Efficient though.

The best thing about the week was seeing family.  I saw both brothers, my mother, and one brother’s family.  Yippee.  Apart from my mother, who quizzes me about how I am, everyone else knows my favourite thing is to be chatted to normally.  Yes, sometimes I end up behind the conversation as I can’t type quickly enough with my app.  But I love normal chat.  I love hearing about everything.  Who cares if I have to delete words of wisdom sometimes?  I don’t.  Predictable is a great app all the same.  I adored seeing family.

I had a wonderful Friday too.  As a condition of the driver assessment I was committed to lessons in an automatic car.  The first was on Friday.  Excitingly I got away with a single lesson.  I am safe in an automatic car.  Hurrah.  The driver assessment centre need to give the go ahead when they get the form from the driver instructor and then I can drive again.  Just wonderful.

Now I have got back to exercising too.  When I get up I roll back and forth, rock, and crawl.  For further information on what on earth I mean, please see this post.  I also use my shoulder pulley.  I love it as I can’t actually raise my arms that high normally.  If you look carefully you can see I haven’t totally lost the bruise under my eye from when I fainted.  But my nose is now fine.


I use my exercise bike in the morning still, and my lovely new trampoline later in the day.  Today I am trying out arm exercises too.  My legs are much stronger than my arms and I realised it was time to do more for my arms while I can.  I can’t report on the new exercises yet, so you get to see me on my trampoline instead.  This is me keenly moving one leg then the other without lifting my toes!


Sadly it refused to let me trim the photo this time so you get to see unnecessary bits and pieces too.  I am sure exercise helps but all I can say at the moment is it makes me feel much better to be using muscles I still have.

I must finish by introducing you to a funny little 60s song.  At the time I was totally unaware of it, and quality of the video isn’t great but it did make me laugh.  And you probably haven’t heard it before.  So, let me introduce Little Arrows to brighten your week.

Let me also say – embrace your week whatever it brings.  Even my fainting made me laugh.  I really looked quite odd in a battered and bruised way.